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Strongarm Industrial Manipulators

Strongarm Industries, Inc. is the technology leader in design and development of industrial manipulators. Specializing in pneumatic, hydraulic, and electric manipulators.

Strongarm 60 Series

Industrial Manipulators

The Strongarm 60 Series industrial manipulator is a low cost solution for ergonomic lifting and material handling, enhancing safety, reducing fatigue and minimizing injuries while improving overall productivity.

Maximum Capacity - 60 lbs (27 kgs)

  • Variety of pneumatic and vacuum attachments.
  • Maneuver and protect delicate payloads.
  • Safe, easy operation with ergonomically designed handles.
Strongarm 60 Series Overhead Model lifting tires.
Strongarm 60 Series Overhead Model moving boxes.
Strongarm 60 Series Forklift Base Model moving boxes.