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Strongarm Industrial Manipulators

Strongarm Industries, Inc. is the technology leader in design and development of industrial manipulators. Specializing in pneumatic, hydraulic, and electric manipulators.

Strongarm 125 / 250 Series

Industrial Manipulators

The Strongarm 125/250 Series industrial manipulator is a low cost solution for ergonomic lifting and material handling, enhancing safety, reducing fatigue and minimizing injuries while improving overall productivity.

Maximum Capacity - 125 or 250 lbs (56 or 113 kgs)

  • Variety of available pedestal heights to fit application.
  • Manipulators provide greater safety, reliability and flexibility.
  • Custom vacuum bag attachments handle paper or polyethylene bags.
  • Lift, up-end, down-end and rotate cylindrical loads 90 degrees.
  • Bolted to the floor or overhead, or mounted on pallet jacks or forklift tube bases for easy movement between work areas.
  • Available double articulating bases extend reach.
  • Available weight dial enables easy operator selection of product weight.
  • Available dual cup vacuum attachment.
  • Available 360 degree manual rotation.
  • Customized to each application.
Strongarm 125/250 Series Pedestal Model lifting pallets.
Strongarm 125/250 Series Pedestal Model with Vacuum Bag attachment.